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Re: alternative for bootstrapping non-C frontends

>> If the frontends could be compiled to RTL, ...
>>  This would remove the need to find 
>> an existing ADA compiler for the target platform, or the need to go 
>> through the process of building a cross-compiler.

>RTL wouldn't be an appropriate intermediate format, but there's been a
>patch to provide a C backend (i.e. generate C instead of assembler code)
>for GCC:

The patch was rejected, because it could be used to circumvent the GPL.
Anything else that could be used to circumvent the GPL is likely to be
rejected/removed also.  This is FSF policy, and we are required to follow it.

Long term this policy may become infeasible and be changed.  We already
have support for java bytecodes, for instance.  While java bytecodes aren't
very useful for non-java languages, there is also the Microsoft .NET equivalent
CIL which does support multiple languages, and I think it is only a matter of
time before gcc is forced to support it.  Assuming MS lets us that is.  They
might object to a GPL version of this.  There are also various projects
working on higher level intermediate formats, and it is much easier to do this
kind of stuff with the higher level intermediate formats than it is with RTL.
Anyways, I expect that gcc will eventually end up having features that make
this possible, though it may be a while, as this won't be possible until the
FSF policy changes.


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