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gcc 3.1 cross target report

Hi Janis and GCC Community,

Here is my 1st pass at an embedded target cross compilation report 
for gcc 3.1.  When it says "BUILT test results reported" that means
my test script automatically sent the results to gcc-testresults.

Janis.. I want the information to be useful for you to post.
Please tell me what modifications to the format you need or
more information you require.

There were a handful of targets with build problems.  I suppose
the next logical step is to see if they match known problems. If
someone recognizes one as a known problem, let me know.

Host: GNU/Linux RedHat 7.2
Native Compiler: 
  Reading specs from
  Configured with: ../gcc-to-merge/configure --prefix=/opt/gcc-3.1-test
     --enable-threads --enable-languages=c,ada
  Thread model: posix
  gcc version 3.1 20020430 (prerelease)

GCC:      gcc 3.1 release with NO patches
Newlib:   CVS + machine/hppa patch
binutils: 2.12

configure command:
    if *-rtems
       configure --target=CPU-rtems --enable-threads=rtems \
         --prefix=/opt/gcc-3.1-test --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld \
         --with-newlib --verbose
      configure --target=XXX --prefix=/opt/gcc-3.1-test --with-gnu-as \
        --with-gnu-ld --with-newlib --verbose

FWIW I am building with a native Ada gcc compiler installed so
gnat is being attempted.  I have not even installed the RTEMS
Ada patches for gcc.

If the target has a simulator in gdb, then my script went ahead and
ran and reported results to gcc-testresults.  I don't have
DejaGNU GCC testing setup for *-rtems targets and don't have a way
yet to automatically report build success/failure if there is
no simulator to run scripts on.

Finally I have not yet tried to build RTEMS with this gcc yet.

a29k-coff       - g77 requires exact FP representation
a29k-rtems      - g77 requires exact FP representation
arc-elf         - PR3587 old crtinit/fini problem (contacted Kenner
arm-elf         - BUILT test results reported
arm-rtems       - BUILT
avr-elf         - ICE compiling libobjc/sendmsg.c
d30v-elf        - ICE compiling libstdc++-v3/strstream.c at flow.c:1880
fr30-elf        - g77 requires exact FP representation
h8300-coff      - BUILT test results reported
h8300-rtems     - BUILT
hppa1.1-proelf  - libgloss failure when C compiler cannot create
hppa1.1-rtems   - BUILT with my newlib hppa patch
i386-elf        - BUILT
i386-rtems      - BUILT
i960-coff       - ada/utils.c: record_size undeclared.
i960-rtems      - ada/utils.c: record_size undeclared.
i960-elf        - libgloss/libnosys/write.c section attributes not
m32r-elf        - BUILT test results report
m68k-coff       - BUILT
m68k-elf        - BUILT
m68k-rtems      - BUILT
mcore-elf       - ICE at /libstdc++-v3/include/iomanip:146 in
mips64orion-elf - FAILED with problem building ada/final.o
mips64orion-rtems       - FAILED with problem building ada/final.o
mips-elf        - FAILED with problem building ada/final.o
mips-rtems      - BUILT
   NOTE: mips-* gnat problem is a bad dependency on ecoff.h which ends
    looking in gcc/ada/config/mips/ecoff.h -- ada shouldn't be in this
mn10200-elf     - ICE compiling unwind-sjlj.c:135
mn10300-elf     - BUILT test results reported
powerpc-eabi    - BUILT
powerpc-rtems   - BUILT
sh-coff         - BUILT test results reported
sh-rtems        - BUILT
sh-elf          - BUILT test results reported
sh-rtemself     - BUILT
sparc-elf       - BUILT test results reported
sparc-rtems     - BUILT
v850-elf        - BUILT test results reported
xscale-elf      - BUILT
Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development                 On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
   Support Available             (256) 722-9985

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