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Re: Successful build on debian, but...

> It would be safest to use the configure options --with-ld= and
> --with-as= to ensure that your new compiler is using the correct linker
> and assembler.

An alternative is to do the following:

1) after running configure, create a symbolic link from the linker and/or
assembler you want to use into the gcc subdirectory of the build
directory, that is, while in the build directory

	ln -s /path/to/linker gcc/ld
	ln -s /path/to/assembler gcc/as

This works because the bootstrap looks first in the gcc directory for
compiler passes.

2) after doing make install, create corresponding symbolic links into
   the directory that stores the compiler passes, e.g.

	ln -s /path/to/linker $prefix/lib/gcc-lib/TARGET/VERSION/
	ln -s /path/to/assembler $prefix/lib/gcc-lib/TARGET/VERSION/

where TARGET is something like i686-pc-linux-gnu, sparc-sun-solaris2.8
or whatever, and VERSION is 3.1 for the 3.1 release.

This works because the installed compiler looks in that directory first
for compiler passes.

This can be advantageous if you anticipate that you might want to switch
assembers or linkers without rebuilding the compiler (for example, to
move to a newer binutils) -- just move the links.

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