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Re: Error report (gcc 3.1)

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Gabriel Dos Reis stated:
> Jakub Jelinek <> writes:
>| On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 11:33:14PM +0200, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
>| > Aha, thanks.  But as I said in another message, people expect to find
>| > header files under ${prefix}/include.  We shouldn't depart from that.
>| Headers like <stddef.h>, <limits.h> etc. are already there, likewise all
>| fixincluded headers.
> Those headers come from GCC washing some system headers and kept there
> for distinguishing them from natives.  Normal users or tools are not
> expected to look for them there.  That is our existing practice.  Our
> existing practice is also following the expectation that header files
> are under ${prefix}/include or anyplace explicitly set at
> configuration time.

Kludge suggestion: why not put the headers in the versioned location,
but put symlinks to them in ${prefix}/include? The compiler won't
consult those symlinks (because of the versioned headers) but the user
can use them for reference if they wish.

(Sorry, that was too ugly. I haven't had my morning coffee yet.)

`There are not words enough to describe how fucked up imake is.'
                                        --- Peter da Silva

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