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GNAT version string has
   Gnat_Version_String : constant String := "3.1 (20020212)";
(mainline) and
   Gnat_Version_String : constant String := "3.1 (20020501)";
(branch) (in both cases the version number and date being wrong - should 
be the current date and 3.2 or 3.1.1).

There is a comment stating that:

   --  WARNING: some scripts rely on the format of this string. Any change
   --  must be coordinated with a script maintainer. Furthermore, no
   --  other variable in this package may have a name starting with
   --  Gnat_Version_String.

What are these scripts?  Are any of them relevant to the FSF releases?  
For FSF versions, I think the same format used elsewhere in GCC should be
used; that is, "3.1.1 20020516 (prerelease)" or "3.2 20020516
(experimental)" or "3.1 20020514 (release)", with the current date 
automatically updated daily by update_version.

The following places would need adjusting to implement this:

*, mainline and 3.1 branch.
* branching.html and releasing.html, to document that there's this file, 
not called [vV]ersion.c, that needs a version number updated.
* maintainer-scripts/gcc_release, mainline and branch, to include in the files treated like gcc/f/version.c.
* maintainer-scripts/update_version, mainline, to add to 
textstring_FILES.  (The existing code in that script for C strings will 
work for if the version string is changed to use the standard

Joseph S. Myers

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