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Re: About the 3.1 release date being a joke and all the other threads...

I think the bottom line is that we have been well and truly trolled.



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From: "Steven J. Hill" <>
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Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 9:03 AM
Subject: About the 3.1 release date being a joke and all the other

> I lurk on this list all the time. I haven't contributed very much gcc
> code, but have to binutils, glibc and uclibc. I would like to encourage
> people to kill the threads about the 3.1 release date, it being a joke,
> etc. This is pointless. I think it is necessary to point out a few things:
>    1) A lot of us do work as volunteers. You are getting an extremely
>       functional compiler that works on hundreds of host/target
>       platforms for FREE. Read that last word and count your blessings.
>    2) Others, like some of the maintainers, do get paid to hack on gcc as
>       well as the other tools and other projects. Note the word OTHER
>       in the previous sentence. They may get an unexpected deadline or
>       project from a valued customer or a manager who thinks their work
>       is more important. This could cause a slip of a day or more.
>    3) If those of you complaining are even worth your salt as a software
>       developers then I am sure that you have read the two of the best
>       books on software development and estimatation, right? The first
>       book being, "The Mythical Man Month" by Frederick Brooks and "Code
>       Complete" by Steve McConnell. What you will find is that when a
>       delivery date is finally decided upon, the ACTUAL amount of time
>       will be between 1/4x and 4x the time given. Keep that in mind
>       before you hit the send button or press return to send a complaint
>       to the mailing list.
> Please stop bickering and be thankful that all of us are working for
> freedom of software. Cheers.
> -Steve

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