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Re: [wwwdocs] bugs.html addition

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
>On Tue, 14 May 2002, Kelley Cook wrote:
>> BTW, there are a lot of problems with bugs.html.  The xhtml is legal
>> syntactically, but there are higher level semantic problems with the
>> proper markup meaning of <code>, <pre>, <blockquote> and others.
>> I'll rework it this week, if you want.
>Yes, please! :)
>(Personally, I had some preference for <blockquote><code>, but Zack,
>IIRC, showed that <pre> might be equivalent or better.)

Actually, the "code" hyperlink that validator gives which is
suggests wrapping multiline code with 
<pre><code> ... </code></pre>

So, I was going to go one step further with

<pre style="padding-left:5%"><code> ... </code></pre>

or what I was acutally planning to do and throw "padding-left: 5%"
into an in-line stylesheet.

This works for browsers as far back as IE4 and Netscape 4.

Actually, AFAICT the truly correct way should be just
<code "white-space:pre; padding-left:5%"> ... </code>, but 
MS Internet Explorer before version 6.0b has the 
white-space tag semantics backwards :(

>> 2002-05-13  Kelley Cook  <>
>>     * bugs.html: Add in non-bug on proper va_arg promotions.
>This looks fine from the wwwdocs side, but I'd prefer one of our
>standards experts to actually approve it.

The error/warning was implemented by Richard Henderson, so it seems
he would be the best judge.

Kelley Cook

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