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Re: GCSE store motion

Daniel Berlin wrote:

>And for the record, the platforms i've stared at untold numbers of rtl 
>dumps of store motion on include x86, PPC, and alpha.
>And I misspoke, I neglected to mention it moves 3 stores during 
>My apologies.
>The global store removal portion also removes 2 stores during 
>bootstrapping gcc, total.
>I am completely for disabling optimizations on the mainline that do 
>nothing but waste time in their current state (though even a 1% 
>improvement might be arguably worth it).
>One would imagine if it's such a functional optimization, it 
>would at least move or remove greater than 2 stores during
>during bootstrapping gcc.
>There are plenty of stores to be moved/eliminated.
>But it doesn't.
>Believe me, I'd like to see a useful store motion.
>It's just not what we've got now.

Just a dumb question, but is there a way to display which optimizations
were triggered within a compile and how many times?  Probably not
very useful generally, but still might be intresting to see.  Might let you
see if an optimization suddenly stopped working.

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