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Re: your gcc 3.1 release date is a joke

> > If you would have followed the mails a bit better,
> Please don't whack the user.  It wasn't his fault, and it is natural
> for him to expect it, because _we set his expectation_.

The user is not being whacked because of his expectation (that gcc 3.1
would be out May 1).  He is being whacked, properly, for hurling vitriolic
abuse at people who are working as hard as they can for him, for free.

We no longer have a private development list, so it's not possible to
get developers working to get a release out on time without also telling
the users what date we are aiming for.  Given this situation, slips will
happen, and the alternative of simply not mentioning a date won't work
(since dates will have to be mentioned at least privately and they will

Mark, maybe next time you mention a tentative release date, more language
should be added warning people against incorporating the date in any of
their own plans, since schedule slips are not only possible but likely.

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