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Let's be clear about store motion

The original discussion was whether or not it was broken.

Which led to the related question of whether it should be disabled on 
the mainline, since it's disabled on the branch, which started the 
discussion about it's usefulness.
These are starting to get mixed together.

Let's clearly seperate these issues.  If you want to discuss a certain 
issue, let's prefix the subject with the issue, or something, so that we 
don't digress (probably my fault, ADHD and all that) onto other subjects.

1. Is it broken?

Possibly. My memory is fuzzy on whether the bugs i pointed out were 
fixed. Giving the benefit of the doubt that they were (I can't remember 
if the patches were committed), i'll make the assumption it's 
not broken anymore, until I run across problems that show otherwise.

2. Is it currently useful in any general context?

Nope. I don't think anyone is seriously arguing it is anymore.

3. Should it be removed?

Probably not, until it's superceded by something else.  Even if 
it does nothing, it's not significantly intertwined with other 
code such that leaving it bitrotting hurts.

I'm just being cautious here though, it might make sense to at least move 
it into it's own file, to highlight the fact that it's really a separate 
pass that just reuses a few of gcse's functions for simplicity.

That would probably make it
A. less intimidating to others who might think they have to get into the 
dirty details of GCSE to improve it.

B. more noticeable to the casual eye so that someone might notice it 
exists, and go about improving it.

4. Should it be disabled?

I believe it should, for the reasons given before.


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