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Re: your gcc 3.1 release date is a joke

> please allow me to write exactly this lines to you. i know you are
> all doing a nice job on gcc 3.1 but i feel fooled by your gcc maintainer
> a lot of date shifts 14th april to 1st may then it was said to be
> released in the next days, last weekend mark mitchell said that he is
> doing the packages after weekend and now we have wednesday. either you
> are fooling us or you are doing this to get time to fix other shit.
> either you fucking hell release that damn gcc 3.1 that i am waiting
> for - for over a month now that i really like to have or if the work
> is to hard for you (like life of a maintainer beeing hard) then hand
> over the work to someone else who is capable to NOT pissoff their
> people.

Messages like this remind me of an incident in my theater group a few
years ago. We gave a way some tickets, and one lady came to complain
about her ticket.

"It's too far away, I can't see"

"Well madam, I'm sorry, but this is a free ticket and that's the best

"I'm not complaining about the price, the price is satisfactory, but
the location is not"


It's always amazing how people expect *someone* *somewhere* to do things
for them on the net without expecting to contribute $$$ or effort in

Once I had an angry call from some company that they could not find Y2K
compliance information for some port of GNAT they had got from somewhere
on the net. I explained that we could not provide any kind of statement
since we did not support that version and did not even know what he had.

He was furious "Well then who *CAN* give me a Y2K compliance statement
for this product. I have to have one. It's outrageous that you won't
stand behind your product ...."

Oh well, all part of the day-to-day fun in Free Software open development.

Perhaps we should appoint klausberger in charge of fixing the remaining
problems, and demand that he do it by say, 5pm tomorrow evening or else :-)

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