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Re: Minimal GCC/Linux shared lib + EH bug example

"David Abrahams" <> writes:

> > That means that some objects can change their state
> > "spontaneously", from the view of a "program",
> Hmm, what does that mean? In my proposal there is no "state change" AFAICT.

No, but if one such "program", e.g. ext1 invokes a method that happens
to change an object in libcore, then ext2 will observe that the object
changed its state, even though the "program" ext2 has done nothing to
cause this change of state. That's why I call the change, from the
view of ext2, spontaneously.

> > I see. If that is what Solaris does, it sounds reasonable indeed. If
> > Solaris does something else, I'd like to see that approach confronted
> > with your specification.
> Sorry, could you explain? What would it mean to confront the Solaris
> approach with my specification?

Not confront, but compare. It means that both solutions are put next
to each other, side by side, and requirements are stated, and each
solution is judged with regard to these requirements.


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