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Re: GCSE store motion

>    From: Daniel Berlin <>
>    Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 01:50:37 -0400 (EDT)
>    I had too much fun funking around with hard to track down alias problems
>    the last time i spent a month trying to improve and fix the RTL version.
>    It's rather easy to fix what's there now, but it doesn't do anything 
>    (really. It shows 0% difference on benchmarks), except for whatever 
>    special case it's currently designed to handle.
>    So i'm out.
> If store-motion is useless and something that really does the
> job it is trying to do is "in the pipline", why don't we
> just delete the store-motion GCSE stuff?

I guess this can be more or less said about majority of GCSE stuff.  We need to
figure out how to make our globals really effective.  I believe globals make
sense on the RTL level, as code lowering, spill code generation and friends are
good source for code optimizable by such algorithms, but we need to develop
infrastructure to implement them properly first.

> If we are going to keep the store-motion stuff, we have the problem
> that the person who knows how to fix it is not willing to do so.
> So we have this regression on the mainline with no resolution.

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