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Re: 3.2 PATCH: Ada parallel bootstrap fixes

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Geert Bosch wrote:

> Gerald, I must say that your message is generalizing and unhelpful.
> You raise exactly one concrete problem that has occurred once.
> Could you please try to be more constructive and point out specific
> issues, preferably with suggestions on how to avoid them in the future.

Specific issue: category "ada" PRs generally haven't received any
responses from Ada maintainers.

Solution: go through all the "ada" PRs, both those open now and new ones
as they arrive.  For each, do the following:

* If it's not Ada-related (someone just chose the first category on the
list), ignore or move to a more appropriate category.

* If it's Ada-related, but fixed in both 3.1 and mainline (or fixed on 
mainline with no question of fixing it on the 3.1 branch), close the PR 
with a statement that it's been fixed.

* If it's unambiguously not a bug (for example, a misunderstanding of the
Ada standard), close it, saying so.

* Otherwise, change the state to analyzed, with the explanation giving
some indication that the bug has been confirmed in a particular version,
and any information you have about about your priorities for fixing the
bug.  If you definitely intend to fix it yourself in the short to medium 
term, then change the Responsible field of the bug to yourself.

* Try to fix as many of the bugs as possible for 3.2.

Joseph S. Myers

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