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Re: 3.2 PATCH: Ada parallel bootstrap fixes

On Tuesday, May 14, 2002, at 06:31 , Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> I'm starting to get quite worried about the way Ada is maintained,
> where folks who are not Ada maintainers need to resolve (release)
> critical issues, merges are done such that changes in the GCC
> repository get lost, etc.

As noted before, the integration of the Ada front end is a work in
progress. Even though I have spent weeks of my time on this integration,
there is still a ways to go. If there has been a uni-lateral decision
to make arbitrary parts of this work to be release-critical, I think
that decision should be reconsidered.

As for the one merge (1) that lost changes, I have been as careful as
possible to correctly merge the hundreds of patches. However, in any
big merge, even when done by people far more experienced working with
CVS than I, there is a large probability of something going wrong.
I have tried to go through all patches and verify the merge manually,
but it is hard to figure out how to merge all dependency lines and
see what changes should be there and what changes should be not.
The fact that revision histories only mention what has changed, instead
of why, makes this even more difficult.

Gerald, I must say that your message is generalizing and unhelpful.
You raise exactly one concrete problem that has occurred once.
Could you please try to be more constructive and point out specific
issues, preferably with suggestions on how to avoid them in the future.


PS. It would have been good form and likely more productive to first
     raise your worries with the maintainers you are criticizing.

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