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Re: 3.2 PATCH: Ada parallel bootstrap fixes

> the Ada maintainers.  This includes security issues, as well as very basic
> issues of integration with GCC build/install (such as not needing separate
> make gnatlib_and_tools when bootstrapping from top level, and installing
> info manuals by default).

I am not aware of any security issues that we (or I) consider significant.
I know that Florian has raised some issues, but we do not consider these
significant. Are you referring to something else here.

> Ada has few enough users and bug reports - and bug reports of good enough
> quality from those few users - and enough maintainers paid to work on it -

To be clear, ACT has very limited resoures to work on the FSF version of 
GNAT. We will do what we can, but please do not assume that there are
unlimited resources here. Right now, in our opinion, the most important
thing is to improve the basic reliability of the compiler, which is still
not where it needs to be (we still have quite a number of failing tests in
our test suite and are working hard to fix these.

I do consider the problem of the trampling of patches to be a serious one,
and we are reviewing our procedures to avoid this in future, and we will
try to undo these problems as fast as we can.

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