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Re: Algol front end

On 14 May 2002, Lars Brinkhoff <> wrote:

> Maybe this could be reused in a Algol 68 front end?

That's a possible one and as already mentioned is the one listed on and is distributed under the <quote>GNU
Licence</quote>. The other is the ctrans parser, which currently produces
C rather than binary output. However, I'm somewhat hesitant about the
copyright of this; it originates from the UK's Defense Research
Agency---the commerical wing of which was recently responsbible for the
fiasco over on-line access to the 1901 census.

I believe that the amount of work needed to put either of them within the
gcc framework is about the same. a68g has a transput implementation closer
to that of the Revised Report on Algol68. ctrans uses the underlying C
printf function. Neither implemented the book paradigm or formatted
output, which is rather like having a C compiler without any printf
functions or varargs. The parser would need to be interfaced to the new
tree; something that is going to hamper attempts to bring gpc into the
fold. Sothis is clearly not soemthing that will make 3.2.

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