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Re: Some comments concerning GCC 3.1

> Well I read the criteria on the GCC homepage and
> everything seemed quite reasonable, but I still have
> this question. Can't the C compiler be optimised so
> that the output is faster ( not that it is produced
> faster, that it executes faster) ? Or, if compiler

Lots of people are working on this every day (including me),
so the code gnerated by gcc 3.1 is faster at the average
than code generated by previous compilers, but the code
optimization is dificult task, so this progress is slow
and hardly can be part of release criteria (like saying
the the code will be 10% faster than in previous
version is unrechable goal).

Anyway lots of effort is put into this area.
> optimisations of this sort are not possible, couldn't
> there be more GCC specific language features ( in
> other words, language features present GCC-specific)?
> I don't really know how compilers actually work, but I
> believe that most developers are willing to sacrifice
> compile time in order to win execution time.
> Thanks for your time,
> Vassilis Pandis
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