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I figured out why the i960-elf build doesn't work.  It is because there is no
i960-elf support in gcc.  There is i960-elf support in binutils and gdb, but
none in gcc.

i960-elf appears to work in gcc because there is a i960-*-* target, but that
is really a misnamed i960-bout target.  You get ELF object files because
binutils knows about i960-elf, but the code that gcc is emitting is not right
for an ELF target.  It is using the wrong debug info format.  It is using
the wrong method for static constructors/destructors.  It is using the wrong
EH mechanism.  Etc.  And of course the problem that stops the build, it
doesn't support named sections which is needed for section attributes.
Fixing this means adding a real i960-elf target, and I think that is beyond
what can be reasonably expected of me.

There are a few things I'd be willing to do.  I could add an i960-elf target
that prints an error message at configure or build time.  I could rename
the misnamed i960-*-* target so that we get a configure error for an
unsupported target.  I could add a i960-elfbroken target that works like
the current one but has named section support so that the build will complete.
This should still work with binutils and gdb since they check for i960-elf*.

Or we could just stop trying to build i960-elf.


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