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Re: upcoming SSE/SSE2 support in 3.1

On Thursday 09 May 2002 14:07, Jim Wray wrote:
> I am getting very excited about the coming release of gcc 3.1 (as many
> are.)  First, let me say, I considered sending this question to gcc-help,
> as it seemed more approriate, but I felt unsure that the proper audience
> would be there to answer question about upcoming products.  My question
> deals with how automatic SSE(2) code generation is.  I do research work in
> image vision, and am curious how well operations such as adding two images
> would be optimized.  In other words, a typical operation would be to
> iteratively go through data that is consecutive in memory with two sources
> and a destination.  Is this likely to get SSE(2) code generated
> automatically, or should I spend time looking at writing custom assembly.
> Thanks, for any help and all your hard work!
There is no auto-vectorization or auto-parallelization, so the compiler 
simply generates scalar sse[2] instructions rather than x87 instructions.   
Intel's icc performs auto-vectorization, but I don't get the impression that 
your application would take advantage of that.
Tim Prince

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