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Re: [GCC] Algol Front End

On Mon, 6 May 2002, Tony Stratton <> wrote:

> ... Algol 68, ...

There are several Algol-68 compilers that might make suitable front-ends.
One is even listed at! It covers most of the language and
provides a reasonable amount of the transput stuff. I've had a few email
discussions with its author about the eventual possibility of it being
made to fit within the GCC framework. Starting from scratch is not a
sensible option with Algol-68, especially if one knows nothing of the

I can't comment in much detail upon your other language choices eccept
several of them are again listed at with work being done on

> I am leaning toward Algol 60 and/or 68, but I will not start before I
> hear from you.  If you can help me find a "definitive" reference on
> either Algol version, I can start.

For Algol-68 (which is the only one I really care about) follow the links
on for Algol68G which will
eventually lead you to the IFIP TC2 "Revised Report on Algol68" but unless
you're competent with van Winjgaardent two-level grammars you won't make
much headway. which will lead you to the Mathematisch Centrum's
test suite.

Other links include a very full listing at DMOZ

I know that there are other Algol68 links to be found in the archives of
the comp.compilers newsgroup---I know because I wrote the messages.

> I can also work on documentation similar to the "TOY language"
> front-end tutorial.

I can't and don't speak for the GCC steering committee but any resource
that assists neo-phyte front-end writers get started is necessary in my
book. My own contribution to such efforts being to re-instate the Chill
front-end now that the v3 changes have stablised. [Those waiting for
progress on that might like to know that the paperwork has finally been
completed but only recently. The original version looks to have been lost
in the September 11th aftermath. Hence the serious delay.] But
re-instating Chill has only ever been a stepping stone to incorporating
one of the above Algol68 compilers as a part of GCC.

Regards, Trevor

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