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Re: help to uncompress

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 03:21:19PM +0900, 장경식 wrote:
> hello..
> i tried "gunzip" to uncompress gcc.pc.gz.
> But, I failed. what's wrong ??
> Usually, that must be right....

Unless you tell us what went wrong, we can only guess at your problem.
It is possible that your web browser has already uncompressed the file
for you, but did not bother removing the 'gz' suffix from its name.
It is also possible that the file was corrupted in transmission.

You can check for the first problem with the 'file' command.  If your
web browser has already uncompressed the file for you, 'file'
will print 'PostScript document text' or a similar string.  If it
hasn't, you should get 'gzip compressed data' or a similar string.

You can check for the second problem with the 'md5sum' command.  Here
are checksums for all of the files named '' on the web
server.  (I don't know which one you downloaded.)

43261393d25936135bfbdee3d8c9930c  gcc-2.95.2/
4fb4997643ab92a3e6eb3c3ba47ce834  gcc-2.95.3/
0e8ed3d7e1de4c08cf2d7b46aa5bc92c  gcc-3.0/
c5783f769cf96256b1ce68381814a9a0  gcc-3.0.1/
2055e1b820672077fb948fc46734d3b9  gcc-3.0.2/
4cb69191a1d598277f9642e55f757416  gcc-3.0.3/
6f3892c7b0ecf58ca7613256ccda0b42  gcc-3.0.4/

Run the "md5sum" command on the file you have.  If you do not get any
of the numbers in the left column, and the file is still compressed,
it must have been corrupted.  Did you perhaps download it with a FTP
client set to text mode?


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