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kernel, glibc, gcc, libstdc++ versions

We are working on the installation of the telecomminucation system that
should work in the mode 24hour x 365 days.
So we need to choose the following :
Linux kernel version
glibc version
gcc version
libstdc++ version

Having in mind that priorities are as follows:
1. STABILITY and BUGFREE (this is the first priority)
4. conformance to the C and C++ standards (I know that GCC 3.0 more than
older releases but this is not the first priority)
5. efficiency

the questons are as follows
1. Am I far from the truth if I select the following ?:
    kernel 2.4.18
    glibc 2.2.5
    gcc 2.95.3 (and libstdc++ that comes with this release)
    (I know that first two items should be discussed in separate mailing
lists however I wrote them down
because they can influence to GCC as well.

2. Some people said me that STL(s) from SGI or more good
(bugfree, complete, threadsafe, etc)
    than STL from libstdc++ that comes with compiler. Is it correct ?
    Is it good idea at all - to use another STL instead of the version that
goes together with the compiler ?

Could you please give me professional answer (that is not hidden by some
religious aspects)
to this my (serious for me) question ?

Thanks, in advance.

Best regards,
Ildar Gabdulline
Project Manager, STELT Telecom
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