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Re: Ada does not build (line too long)

Andreas Schwab <> writes:

> (Robert Dewar) writes:
> |> <<Ada does not build because almost all source files have lines that are
> |> too long.
> |> >>
> |> 
> |> This needs more details, since lots of people (including us) have had no
> |> trouble building GNAT.
> This is on the 3.1 branch.

I've got a patch (gzipped version attached) which does the following
for all affected .ads and .adb files (generated by "perl -i.bak -pne
's/(\$Revision.*?) +--/\1/' *.ad[bs]"):

RCS file: /cvs/gcc/egcs/gcc/ada/,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.16.1
---	4 May 2002 03:27:12 -0000
+++	5 May 2002 12:45:55 -0000
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 --                                                                          --
 --                                  S p e c                                 --
 --                                                                          --
---                             $Revision: $                             --
+--                             $Revision: $
 --                                                                          --
 --          Copyright (C) 1991-2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.          --
 --                                                                          --

Bootstrap has passed stage 2.

However, I'd really like to get rid of these $Revision$ lines after
the 3.1 release.  Besides causing all kinds of trouble, they serve no

2002-05-05  Florian Weimer  <>

	*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5etpopse.adb, 5gintman.adb,, 5gtasinf.adb, 5ninmaop.adb, 5nintman.adb,
	5oparame.adb,,, 5rparame.adb,
	5sintman.adb, 5stasinf.adb, 5stpopse.adb,,
	5uintman.adb, 5vinmaop.adb, 5vintman.adb, 5vtpopde.adb,, 5wosprim.adb,, 7sinmaop.adb,
	7sosprim.adb, 7stpopsp.adb,, 9drpc.adb, a-astaco.adb,,,,,,, a-colien.adb,,
	a-decima.adb,, a-diocst.adb,,
	a-direio.adb,, a-excpol.adb,,,,,,
	a-interr.adb,, a-intsig.adb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a-nuflra.adb,,,,,,, a-siocst.adb,,,, a-ssicst.adb,,,, a-storio.adb,,,,, a-strsea.adb,,,, a-stunau.adb,,, a-stwifi.adb,,, a-stwise.adb,,,,,, a-ticoau.adb,, a-ticoio.adb,,,,,, a-tiflau.adb,,,,,
	a-timoio.adb, a-tiocst.adb,, a-titest.adb,,,, a-wtcoau.adb,, a-wtcoio.adb,, a-wtcstr.adb,,,,,, a-wtflau.adb,,,
	a-wtinau.adb,,, a-wtmoau.adb,, a-wtmoio.adb,, a-wttest.adb,,,,,,, ceinfo.adb, debug_a.adb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, exp_vfpt.adb,,, g-busora.adb, g-busorg.adb,
	g-casuti.adb,,, g-debuti.adb,, g-hesora.adb, g-hesorg.adb,,
	g-moreex.adb,, g-spitbo.adb,,,,, get_targ.adb,,,,,,
	gnatmake.adb,,, gnatpsys.adb, hlo.adb,,,, i-fortra.adb,,,,,,,,,, lib-sort.adb,,,, math_lib.adb, mdllfile.adb,
	nlists.adb,, par-ch2.adb, par-labl.adb,,, s-addima.adb,,,
	s-assert.adb,, s-asthan.adb,,
	s-atacco.adb,,, s-errrep.adb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, s-expllu.adb,,
	s-expmod.adb,,,,, s-expuns.adb,,,,,,,
	s-fore.adb,, s-gloloc.adb, s-imgbiu.adb, s-imgboo.adb,
	s-imgcha.adb, s-imgint.adb, s-imgllb.adb, s-imglld.adb,
	s-imglli.adb, s-imgllu.adb, s-imgllw.adb, s-imguns.adb,
	s-imgwch.adb, s-imgwiu.adb,,, s-mantis.adb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, s-proinf.adb,,, s-sequio.adb,,,
	s-sopco3.adb, s-sopco4.adb, s-sopco5.adb, s-stoele.adb,,, s-stratt.adb,,
	s-strops.adb,, s-tasinf.adb,,,, s-valboo.adb,,
	s-valcha.adb, s-valdec.adb,, s-valint.adb,, s-vallld.adb,, s-vallli.adb,, s-valllu.adb,,,
	s-valuns.adb,,, s-valwch.adb,
	s-wchjis.adb,,, s-wchwts.adb,, s-widboo.adb,, s-widcha.adb,, s-widlli.adb,, s-widllu.adb,, s-widwch.adb,, s-wwdcha.adb,,, scn-nlit.adb,,,,, sem_ch2.adb,,,,,,,,,,
	sem_maps.adb,,,,,,, snames.adb, stand.adb,,,,,,,,,,,, Adjust Revision: lines which were too

Attachment: patch-ada-long-lines.gz
Description: Binary data

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