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urgent message


Form Kufour Ibrahim
PHONE: (00228) 990 48 06
  Dear Honorable Director,
How are you today I hope Allah is with you and your
Before elucidating further, I think it will be fit
this writing if I at this juncture introduce myself.
I am Kufour Ibrahim Ahmed a Ghanian and the
former chairman state allocation commission and also
owner of zeus international hotel situate at 127
caprice road, Accra Ghana.
I have the sum of $ 14,000.000 US Dollars realized
from the sale of my above mentioned hotel and state
revenue allocation during president Jerry Rawlings
Administration which spanned for eight years.
However a new elected president Mr J.A. Kufuor has
taken over the mantel of leadership of our country and
has sworn to bring to book all corrupt officials who
enriched themselves during the past regimes. I then
decided to leave the country with all I have down to
Lome Togo before he would appoint his probe panel. The
above sum was moved to a finance and security company
here in Togo for safe keeping pending when I will get
a partner who will assist me in moving this fund out
of Togo for an investment. For your assistance I
promise to offer you 20 % of the total amount
My dear though I do not know you very well it might
interest you to note that I got your contact in an
international yellow page and believe that you will be
capable to accommodate this fund and assist me to
invest in agriculture  and Real Estate Development.
If you are interested and ready to assist me in this
regard, kindly get in touch with me to enable me
proceed immediately to the security company
and pay of the demurrage.
NB. The relevant documents that covers the fund
deposited in a finance company will sand to you on
Kufour Ibrahim.

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