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Re: Help! Attempting to install gcc 3.0.4

>>>>> Darin DeCounter writes:

Darin> I'm trying to install gcc 3.0.4 on AIX 4.3.3 and I'm completely lost.  I
Darin> was hoping gcc would be an alternative solution to IBM's compiler, but now
Darin> I'm not sure.  The only thing I've managed to do thus far is download
Darin> gcc.3.0.4.tar.  The instructions said: To configure GCC: 

Darin> % mkdir objdir
Darin> % cd objdir
Darin> % srcdir/configure [options] [target]

Darin> What and where is 'configure'?  If anyone can help me, I would be
Darin> grateful. 

	The tar file contains the sources.  Did you unpack the
distribution into a directory?  The top-level directory will contain a
file named "configure".  "srcdir" is the name in the installation guide
which refers to the directory into which you unpacked the source code
distribution.  You will need a compiler to build GCC.

	You might want to consider downloading a binary release of GCC for
AIX.  While the GCC Project does not provide binaries, the GCC website
links to other sites which provide binaries for various platforms -- see
"Binaries" under the heading "Download" on the left side of the welcome
page.  Bull and UCLA provide binaries for AIX.


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