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Re: material for 3.1 release announcement

I wrote:
> > It seems that no one has collected a list of features to brag about for
> > the 3.1 release.  Some highlights off the top of my head:
> > ...
> > * Much-improved C++ standard library with great Doxygen-generated
> >   hypertext documentation.

Gerald writes:
> ...and go ahead an commit patches describing any such new features
> to gcc-3.1/changes.html.

The release announcements would only include a subset of that page,
perhaps with a pointer to it.

I'm not sure that the way that page is written, it is clear enough to
the casual reader that one compiler produces both 32 and 64 bit code
on the UltraSPARC, especially since with 3.0, one could produce a
64-bit-only compiler by going through a great deal of pain.  Something like

For UltraSPARC, GCC can produce either 32-bit code (by default) 
or 64-bit code (if the option -m64 is provided).

might be better

The only thing missing from my list in changes.html is the libstdc++
modifications; someone from the libstdc++ team should decide what to
write there.

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