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Re: [Ada] Patch to fix bug reporting instructions (3.1 branch)

On Wed, 1 May 2002, Geert Bosch wrote:

> Right now, we are in a transitioning phase, since there is no GCC release
> yet with Ada support.

> The outcome of our previous discussion on this very topic was that
> all current Ada contributors (not just ACT), as well as others writing
> compilers in its own language agreed that this was a reasonable approach.
> I find it peculiar that you feel so strongly on this topic, that you
> appeal to the steering committee and RMS to change the policy.

The way I see it - from the "no previous GCC release with Ada" view - is
that it is Ada contributors who are seeking to change established policies
- for example, being tolerant about the possible bootstrap compilers
(where GCC is required - to build non-C front ends when building a
cross-compiler - 2.95 or later is supported) and checking for common and
not so common bugs at configuration time, working around binutils bugs,
being buildable out of the box on common free operating system releases,
etc..  Certainly there are plenty of other people who think "gnatgcc"
should be supported (as it currently is), and the question of version
checks came from someone else's bug report.

Since there seems no likelihood of agreement about these questions (given
the length of time gnatgcc support has been disputed for), it seems only
appropriate for the SC to reach decisions on them.

Joseph S. Myers

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