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GCC 3.1 Prerelease

The GCC 3.1 release is starting to take shape.  Many people have worked
very hard.

I will make GCC 3.1 prerelease tarballs on Monday.

To that end, I would very much like to see if we can get some more of
the open bugs fixed before that point.  (I know that people are already
working on some of these at this point.)

Here is a list of the current high-priority bugs order by category.  I
suspect that some of these (Java bugs, especially) are not really
regressions.  If you know about any of these bugs and know that they are
not regressions, please let me know.

I have deliberately omitted Ada bugs; hopefully they will get fixed,
but they will not block the release in any event.  Similarly for
PR3386 which refers to undocumented target macros.


PR6300 sparc-sun-solaris2.7 failure in gcc.dg/cpp/charconst.c


PR4979 g++ compile fails with "unable to find register to spill"
PR3083 C++ frontend consumes inacceptable amounts of CPU with -O3


PR5396 ifstream read()'s data multiple times on Solaris
PR4150 Catastrophic performance decrease in C++ code


PR6314 gcj -R options conflicts with gcc
PR6066 incorrect error message compiling classpath


PR4165 gcc 3.0.1 fails to build on linux for sh-coff,sh-hms for language c++
PR3373 make boostrap fails in libjava if --with-gnu-as is used

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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