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Re: GCC: accessing exceptiond from C?

On 30-Mar-2002, Kai Henningsen <> wrote:
> Is it currently (that is, in any version in CVS) possible to access the  
> gcc exception machinery from C (that is, throw and catch exceptions of  
> some kind), possibly via some builtins and/or libsupc++ routines?

How about just writing a simple library in C++, using `extern "C"'
so that this library is easily accessible from C code?

It is desirable to have a single standard exception-handling library
in C, not only for doing exception handling in C, but also for other
languages.  Many languages implementations compile to C, or have run-time
libraries written in C, and providing such a library would allow these
implementations to support exceptions in a way that is compatible with
C or C++ code using exceptions.  This would allow exceptions thrown
by code written in one language to be caught by code written in a
different language, without requiring the different language
implementations to interface directly with the GCC back-end
exception-handling support (a much higher bar).

I have just written such a library -- see attached.
The library defines a C interface which can be implemented
either in C++, using exceptions, or in C, using setjmp/longjmp.
I would appreciate comments on the proposed interface.

In the long run I think it would be nice for something
like this to be included in the C standard.

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The University of Melbourne         |  of excellence is a lethal habit"
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