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Re: Building gcc3.0.3 on AS/400

>>>>> sita raman writes:

Seetha> I am trying to build gcc on AS/400(V4R5). I had gone through the list of 
Seetha> successful builds of GCC and I couldn't find one for AS/400. The 
Seetha> configuration and build documents doesn't have a mention of AS/400 anywhere. 
Seetha> When I tried to run configure with
Seetha> configure --host=as400-os400  I am getting the error config.sub not found. I 
Seetha> am a clueless in this regard as to what parameters I need to provide for 
Seetha> AS/400. It would be very helpful if some one can suggest me what to do and 
Seetha> hoe to configure and build gcc on AS/400.

        Modern AS/400s are based on the PowerPC chip, which GCC supports.

        Programs which run under OS/400, the operating systems for AS/400
(now iSeries), use an intermediate language which the OS translates at
runtime.  GCC does not generate programs for the intermediate language of

        Basically, GCC does support the underlying hardware, but not the
OS/400 OS and environment.


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