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Re: suggestions for messages about successful builds

On 02-02-27 10:29:59 Janis Johnson wrote:
| As the person who updates the GCC 3.0 build status list I've got some
| requests, some of which have been brought up by others recently.

| First of all, please look at the list in the "Final Installation"
| section of the installation instructions for information to include in
| a message about a successful build.  Remember that your message will be
| linked from the build status list and that other people who are planning
| to build for the same platform are likely to look at your message, so
| include any information that might be useful to those people.

| If you didn't do a bootstrap, or if there were any errors in the build
| or install, then it was not successful, so please don't report it as a
| successful build.

Yes, but it could be useful to report +failed+ builds also.

| Ideally, the build status list should not just be for successful builds,
| but for successful builds of usable compilers and libraries. ...


=== End quoted text ===

I am also of the opinion (though a newbie here) that build reports
(successful or not) should go to the gcc-testresults list. If that is
not correct, then the GCC mailing lists web page is misleading.

== Buz :)

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