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Re: Linkage of GPLed GCC to Closed Source via XML or Perl

<<You may well be right (though Eben Moglen has some good arguments that he
can persuade a court that artificial splitting of one program into two by
technical tricks can still be considered to be one program, I'm not a
lawyer so I don't know, and his argument clearly wouldn't work if standard
GCC interfaces work).  But why are you working so hard to do just that?

There are indeed good arguments here. An interesting note here is that my
testimony in Intergraph vs Bentley (Philadelphia Federal Court a couple of
years ago) argued exactly the criteria for considering such splitting to
be artificial. It would have been an interesting ruling, unfortunately
the case settled and aborted the judge issuing the opinion (it aborted
the day before the opinion was due :-(

The issue in that case was when one program could be considered to be "using"
another program, but in my opinion the issues were very close to the
linking and aggregation issues that arise with the GPL. People know I
assume that the GPL is being litigated in the court room for the first
time right now in Boston ...

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