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Re: [TESTCASE] Minimized testcase for AltiVec segfault

on 2/27/02 9:39 PM, Aldy Hernandez at wrote:

>>>> No, don't do that.  I can think of lots of reasons not to.
>>> care to share?
>> You'd be deleting a feature, and worse, you'd be re-using the obvious
>> choice for the option that enables that feature for something
>> different, making it difficult to re-introduce that feature in future.
> a feature that no one would use.
> the same people who would want to link old code, wouldn't be able
> to write code that use varargs, vector arguments, etc, which is
> the reason for -mabi=altivec in the first place.

The case to watch out for is a user enabling AltiVec for one or two source
files in a project, the rest of which don't have it enabled.

It's common for code on Mac OS to have a small portion test for the presence
of AltiVec and then use it if available. I'd imagine that many other
projects on other OSes might want the same capability. (Consider SETI@Home.)

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