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Re: Recent removal of the 'aux' field in tree_common

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Geoff Keating wrote:

> The idea behind the PCH code is that it runs through every data
> structure in the compiler, and writes them to disk.  This means that
> it needs to know where every pointer is and the size of every object.
> It also has to read all the data structures from disk, which means it
> needs to know how to allocate every kind of data structure, and it
> needs to know how to de-allocate any structure that is replaced.
Thanks.  So, distributing the annotation fields as I proposed in
my original message, shouldn't upset PCH, right?  ie,

> struct tree_ann_def
> {
>   /* Basic block that contains this tree.  */
>   basic_block bb;
>   /* For _DECL trees, list of references made to this variable.  */
>   varray_type refs;
>   /* Most recent definition for this symbol.  Used when placing FUD
>      chains.  */
>   varref currdef;
>   /* Immediately enclosing compound statement to which this tree belongs.  */
>   tree compound_stmt;
> };
> [ ...]
> - and tree_ann.compound_stmt should go in statement
>   nodes.  Those are the only tree nodes that can be mapped to a
>   basic block.
> - tree_ann.refs and tree_ann.currdef should go in decl nodes.

Thanks.  Diego.

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