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Get a grip.

Dear GCC list and Joe Buck,

As a long time coworker, friend and flatmate of Michael I can say quite 
authoritatively that Joe Buck's allegations regarding Michael Dupont are 
full of crap.

Michael has introduced many people who have never even heard of open source 
to the concept.  If anything he is a champion of the ideals of open source, 
he certainly is the champion within our company. (Well, theres me now, but I 
mostly champion perl.) He has an open source project registered at 
sourceforge and interacts with the open source community on a routine basis.

For you to level these accusations, based purely on supposition and 
conjecture is insulting both to Michael and to the ideals that you 
supposedly are defending.

I believe that you should reread what Michael said in this list and also 
what he posted at

and I think it will become patently obvious that what he was trying to do 
was to raise awareness of a potential problem in GPL/LGPL scheme. A scheme 
that as I already said he has himself embraced in his project on 

In short sir, you are a living example of the old saying

"Those that have nothing worthwhile to say usually spend most of their time 
telling everyone within reach all about it."

Yves Orton / Demerphq

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