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Re: Installation proposal

>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <> writes:

Per> Mark Mitchell wrote:
>> What's good about this?

Per> 5. The Makefiles for builting libraries can be simpler: Just use
Per> "install/bin/g++", not "g++ -B... -nostdinc++ -I..."  (This is a
Per> variant of your point 1.)

It's funny: that's precisely what does CVS Autoconf (and Bison and CVS
M4).  Actually, we have wrappers in tests/ that point to the
non-installed executables, with all the needed magic for them to find
their peers and files.

As a result

1. the test suite runs autoconf etc. via the path, nothing is hard

2. so when `make check', we just have PATH go into tests/ first, and
   the non installed tools are checked.

3. when `make distcheck' (i.e., dist + untar + configure
   --prefix=/somewhere + make + make check + make install + make installcheck)
   we have `installcheck' run the test suite on the installed tools
   (by the past, I *did* have installed programs that didn't work, but
   the non installed version did).

4. Bootstrapping is eased: Autoconf uses tests/autoconf,
   tests/autom4te etc. without special flags.  All the special tricks
   are located in one single place: the wrappers.

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