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Re: Installation proposal

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

Alexandre> This will change the requirements imposed on exec_prefix.
Alexandre> According to the GNU Coding Standards, the user should be
Alexandre> able to modify prefix and exec_prefix at install time.
Alexandre> Currently, GCC already fails to follow this recommentation:
Alexandre> it depends on exec_prefix being a sub-directory of prefix,
Alexandre> and on the relative pathname from exec_prefix to prefix not
Alexandre> changing from build to install time.  By doing an
Alexandre> installation with something as simple as cp -R or the tar
Alexandre> or cpio equivalents, you lose the ability to modify
Alexandre> exec_prefix at all, even if it follows the current
Alexandre> requirements.

Alexandre> Not that I find this extremely important, but I thought I
Alexandre> point it out so that we may a conscious decision regarding
Alexandre> breaking backward compatibility with a feature that
Alexandre> probably nobody uses (namely exec_prefix from $prefix/foo
Alexandre> at build time to $prefix/bar at install time).

IMHO (but you know that :), it would be more useful to have this
recommendation withdrawn from the GCS...

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