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RE: Question for successful Cygwin/gcc builders

I did not state that it is impossible.

In your post you hit the key words.  It is tricky.

Not one of the recipes that has been sent to me,
or were available through recent postings of
success have given any information about doing
anything to deal with tricky.

Most conversations I have had with successful
builders have essentially been, "its easy,
./configure *couple of simple options*
make bootstrap

And it works. This does not appear to be the
case.  It would be nice if people, like
yourself, who have done it right would take
a few minutes to show off and state what problems
you ran into, and how you worked around them,
the community, and myself would
be grateful.  I would be VERY grateful! 

Wayne Keen

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Dewar []
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: Question for successful Cygwin/gcc builders

We build GCC 3 on NT all the time, and have generally been successful
in getting the build to work including Ada. Yes, occasionally the build
is broken, but most of the time things go smoothly. It is definitely
tricky to build on NT, and takes a bit of experience to figure out all
the issues, but the impression Wayne gives that no one can build on NT
seems bogus to me.

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