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Question for successful Cygwin/gcc builders

I need to ask some questions of this August community...

After you built the gcc suite, did you compile anything with the
new compiler.  I ask this because I have found over many attempts
that I can have what looks like an OK build, but the compilers
do not work.  By that I mean you can not compile even a simple
"Hello World" program on g++ or g77.  When I look closer, I see 
that libraries are missing and that it is obvious the build did
not really succeed.

I would just assume its me, but I have been able to correspond
with one of the "successful" build people, who, upon working with
me, discovered that his build did not work either. 

Please note that it is possible, if you are as "talented"
as I am at fouling things up to have a mixed environment
between the standard Cygwin gcc and the new, and think that
you have had a successful install when you have not.

Assuming that you have compiled "Hello world" and / or your
standard test set, let me ask this.  What is your Cygwin 
configuration.  Did you use Unix or DOS option?  Did you install
anything additional?.  What environment variables (such as
LIBRARY_PATH etc.) did you set, and where did you set them.
Oh, almost forgot, did you do a full install of all Cygwin
elements, and did you do a source install?

Did you modify any files in the source? Heck, did you
use gunzip, bunzip2 or winzip?  Did you install
anything or do anything after "make install".

These are pieces of information that are every bit as neccessary
as simply including the contents of gcc -v for someone like
me to be able to duplicate your results.

I have tried probably 30 - 40 times to get this to work with the
3 series, on 98, NT, 2000 and XP.  It has never worked.  A
number of people have kindly given me their recipes (at least
as far as what .configure options they used, do make bootstrap
etc.).  Not one of these recipes has worked.  I have during
this process torn out Cywin by the roots and reinstalled many
times.  I have put everything I could think of into environment
variables.  Despite my self-depricating sense of humor, I am
not stupid.  So there is something up.  Either I am missing
some trick that "everyone knows" or there is more here than 
meets the eye.

I am cross posting this to both gcc help and gcc, as several
requests for more specific information in the last few days
to the gcc-help have been ignored.

Rest assured, if I find out something stupid I am doing, I 
will post it in glorious, humorous, lets all laugh at Wayne
fashion.  Just show me, and the rest of us how building
3.0.X can work and does work!

Wayne Keen

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