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Re: [TESTCASE] Minimized testcase for AltiVec segfault

Am Don, 2002-02-28 um 00.27 schrieb Aldy Hernandez:

> how about local variables?  there are some magic alignment rules
> that are keyed off of abi=altivec. ... especially the stack boundary.

Local vector variables on stack in a three liner? With 32 registers that
should be quite unlikely.
> how about vrsave?  surely you need vrsave to be set properly, otherwise
> the OS will not save your vector registers on a context-switch.

Don't care. There are no other applications using AltiVec.
> how about the prologue and epilogue?  the altivec registers won't be
> saved/restored unless abi=altivec.

Don't need to.

> some call used registers being altivec?

Won't happen.
> i guess you could use all global variables, and have the OS
> save/restore all vector registers on a context switch (slooow).

Don't need to be and when I'd be using -mabi=altivec now that I know.

> perhaps this needs to be readressed and having -maltivec imply an
> abi change^Wenhancement.  i for one, wouldn't mind getting
> rid of -mabi=altivec, but i believe geoff wanted it that way.

I just wanted to point out that the generated code doesn't seem
to be right when used without that mystic switch and in my
opinion it should be. I don't need any of the spiffy features like
vector arguments, varargs, vectors on stack, vectors used by callers
in this special case.


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