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Re: Get rid of libtool? [was Re: Makefile problems]

On Feb 26, 2002, Jeff Sturm <> wrote:

> On 25 Feb 2002, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>> > - real incremental linking (*not* convenience libraries, which are a lousy
>> > substitute).
>> Which of the definitions of incremental linking are you talking about?

> ld -r

Libtool already uses this for some features; it would be nice if it
could use it for convenience libraries, as I have already suggested
before.  I didn't know it would cause problems on alpha, though.  More
complexity :-(

>> > For instance, libgcj assumes public data symbols are exported by
>> > default, which certainly isn't true on windows at least.
>> Are you talking of -export-dynamic or something entirely different?

> I'm talking about the dllimport/dllexport mess.  Actually the dllexport is
> solved, I think... it's the dllimport that can't be automated by libtool.

Right.  That's why libtool requires the library/application to declare
it's DLL-compliant with an autoconf macro before it gets into the
business of creating DLLs for that library.  I heard some people have
recently got around this ugly detail of Windows DLLs, though, but I've
been too much out of the loop to tell for sur

> Point is, there are characteristics of shared lib implementations that
> cannot be abstracted away... so is it worth trying?

Nope, it has to be left up to the user.  Which is what libtool does.

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