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Re: -shared-libgcc vs. -static -static-libgcc

> Ouch.  

Yes. Thanks for replying.

> 1) rework init_gcc_specs() again such that -static-libgcc overrides
>    -shared-libgcc in the absence of -shared, just like it does in the
>    presence of -shared
> 2) rework init_gcc_specs() such that -static alone overrides
>    -shared-libgcc, regardless of -shared
> 3) arrange for CXX to not be passed with -shared-libgcc to
>    libstdc++-v3 and libgcj, and get -shared-libgcc into CXX only for
>    libtool -shared configuration and shared-library creation.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I would think that passing 
-shared-libgcc down as part of CXXFLAGS instead of part of CXX is also a 

> Don't even start.  This has nothing to do with libtool.  This is about
> incompatible gcc flags.  

Right, sorry. 

> I'll look into implementing all of the above, even though any one of
> them would suffice.  But I think having the 3 of them would make it
> more consistent.  Any disagreement?

I think that would be wonderful. 

thanks again,

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