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Re: Sucessful build - gcc3.0.4 - hp10.20

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 11:56:43AM -0500, Patrick Lagace wrote:
> C and C++
> config.guess:
> hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20
> gcc -v:
> Reading specs from bin/../lib/gcc-lib/hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20/3.0.4/specs
> Configured with: ../gcc-3.0.4/configure --with-gnu-as 
> --with-as=/opt/binutils/bin/as
> Thread model: single
> gcc version 3.0.4
> Comments:
> A older GCC was used to build this one; this is not a "make bootstrap" 
> using the native compiler, a simple "make".
>      See (HP/UX porting center) for older 
> gcc binaries.
> The GNU binutils were installed/used.
> GNU "as" was used, as the HP "as" was causing troubles (inability to use 
> the "-g" flag)
> ...the build was straightforward after that.
> The "virtual thunk" bug for multiple inheritance seem corrected. 
>  gcc3.0.3 was unable to compile some complex C++, 3.0.4 is ok.

Thanks!  I've added this to the GCC 3.0 build status list at, labeled as a simple
build of C and C++..

Building using "make bootstrap" is strongly encouraged as it can find
problems that might not otherwise be apparent.


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