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Re: rtl dependency

At 5:59 AM -0800 2/26/02, Danish Samad wrote:

> I have observed that different cross compilers
>produce different RTL for the same peice of code.


>Does this mean that unoptimized RTL generated is
>dependent on target description macros if yes then
>which macros?

	A great many of them!  Pretty much all the things described in the sections of the porting guide
	that discuss Register Characteristics, Passing Arguments/ Stack Layout, Storage Layout, and Addressing

> or is it only dependent on machine

	It's driven by the named patterns - like "movsi", "addsi3", etc. that the tree conversion
	code in expr.c and optabs.c knows about - but the target macros influence heavily what happens.

>Further what would I have to do to
>produce load store RTL instructions for a
>initialization such as i=4;

	Look at an existing load/store machine - there are a bunch of 'em.

	Typically what you do is write a "movsi" define_expand pattern that checks to see if at least
	one of the operands is a REG and forces the OTHER operand to a register.  E.g., if you tried to
	do a memory-to-memory move, you'd force the source to a register and then move that
	register to memory.

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