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GCC 3.1 Branch

I have created the GCC 3.1 branch.

I have also checked in "branching.html" to the web site, which contains
the instructions Joseph came up with for creating branches.

At this point, the 3.1 branch is now a release branch; that means that
check-ins there should address regressions from previous releases of
GCC.  There is no need to get my approval for check-ins at this time.

Meanwhile, the mainline is what will eventually become GCC 3.2.  All
check-ins are acceptable on the mainline, assuming that they receive
appropriate approvals.

The GCC 3.1 release is scheduled for April 15th.  That means that we
need to stop development on the branch by April 1st, which gives us
almost exactly one month for stabilization.  (We are getting a late
start due to the combination of a late 3.0.4 release and unexpected
turbulence on the mainline.)  If we need more time to get GCC 3.1
in shape, I will ask the SC to approve an extension.  However, at this
point, we will stick with the original schedule.


Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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