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Re: Test plan for GCC 3.1?

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 05:15:34PM -0500, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to everyone for contributing to the GCC 3.0.4 release,
> especially to our hard working release manager, Mark Mitchell.
> Now that the GCC 3.1 release is the next milestone for the
> GCC project, I was wondering if there are going to be
> more people stepping up to help with testing.
> In the release criteria for GCC 3.1, several packages
> are mentioned:
> When the GCC 3.0 release was done, there were packages
> in the release criteria notes that would cause that 
> compiler to ICE.  I'm thinking mainly of the Linux kernel.
> It would be nice for the GCC 3.1 timeframe to actually
> be able to compile the packages mentioned in the
> release criteria notes.  I think we can only insure
> this if we can encourage more people to participate in
> testing.

We've got IA-64 systems at my site that need to be kept busy, so we're
planning to start building Linux kernels regularly with the latest 3.1
compiler.  If someone puts together a script to build and test other
packages we can run that as well.  The difficult part is analyzing new


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