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AltiVec too pedantic about type qualifiers [UPDATE]


I further discovered that my words in the last mail are not
only partially valid for a "vector shift left".

#include <altivec.h>

void test (const char *test)
  vector signed char vec;

  vec = vec_lvsl (0, test);

fails as well while in real world code it works without casting and
produces exactly 1 warning, here's an excerpt from an example that
does compile.

static void
put_no_rnd_pixels_x2_altivec (UINT8 *block, const UINT8 *pixels, int line_size, int h)
  vector unsigned char align, hi, lo, shiftshift, shift, shifted;
  vector unsigned char output;
  vector unsigned short result, sum;
  vector unsigned short big, bigshifted;

  /* Since the stride is a multiple of 16 the shift will be always the same */
  shift = vec_lvsl (0, pixels);
  shiftshift = vec_adds (shift, cones);

      /* Load next line */
      hi = vec_ld (0, (UINT8 *) pixels);
      lo = vec_ld (16, (UINT8 *) pixels);
      align = vec_perm (hi, lo, shift);

      /* Shifted row */
      shifted = vec_perm (hi, lo, shiftshift);

      (vector unsigned char) big = vec_mergeh (zeros, align);
      (vector unsigned char) bigshifted = vec_mergeh (zeros, shifted);

      sum = vec_adds (big, bigshifted);
      result = vec_sr (sum, sones);
      output = vec_packsu (result, result);
      (vector unsigned int) lo = vec_splat ((vector unsigned int) output, 0);
      (vector unsigned int) hi = vec_splat ((vector unsigned int) output, 1);
      vec_ste ((vector unsigned int) lo, 0, (unsigned int *) block);
      vec_ste ((vector unsigned int) hi, 4, (unsigned int *) block);

      pixels += line_size;
      block += line_size;
  while (--h);

       Daniel (who's about to go nuts because of all the casting)

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