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What is a successful build?

According to

gcc-3.0.4 builds successfully on various computers, but the
regression test results are not discussed very much.

For example,

says it builds on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 but the message does not mention
the 450 unexpected libjava failures and other testsuite failures that
happened when I tried to build it.  The documentation does not seem to
mention anything special about java on this computer system, and four
different choices of configuration options gave substantially
identical results.  Are these regressions well known?  Are these
problems documented somewhere?  Is this really a success?

		=== libstdc++-v3 Summary ===

# of expected passes		247
# of unexpected successes	1
# of expected failures		7

		=== libjava Summary ===

# of expected passes		482
# of unexpected failures	450
# of unexpected successes	2
# of expected failures		14
# of untested testcases		768

		=== gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes		15286
# of unexpected failures	1
# of expected failures		78
# of unresolved testcases	3
# of unsupported tests		49

		=== g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		6493
# of unexpected failures	10
# of expected failures		103
# of untested testcases		19

		=== g77 Summary ===

# of expected passes		939
# of unsupported tests		8

		=== objc Summary ===

# of expected passes		153
# of expected failures		1

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