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Re: PATCH: Correct diff-generation in release scripts

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> The script did not correctly handle "-p /home/mitchell/ftp/gcc-3.0.3"
> where that was a directory containing all the previous tarballs.
> Perhaps that's not what -p was supposed to do, but that's what it should
> do; it makes it easy to generate all the new tarballs.  The old version
> of the code strips this back to "/home/mitchell/ftp" and then can't
> find the files.

The interface was meant to be that the argument names a tarball, not a
directory.  This allows the version number to be extracted from the
tarball name.  For example, snapshots are in directories with names such
as "2002-02-18", with no "gcc-" prefix, and the tarballs in them have
names such as "gcc-20020218.tar.gz".  The usage message still says "[-p
previous-tarball]", rather than anything referring to a directory.  I
don't think this will work with the change you made - you'll need to
finish the change so that snapshots get both parts (the old version in the
tarball names, and the directory) correctly.

> Yes, if you put a key without a passphrase in ~gccadmin/.ssh.  If that's
> considered unsafe, you can write a little script to use in place of scp,
> or add logic to allow you to get the old behavior.  This new logic allows
> the same code to upload the release to both and

Please do make the appropriate fixes, in time for the next snapshot.

Joseph S. Myers

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